Vintage Banner Watch On Leather And Gold Link Bracelet

Banner Watch Company made this rare bracelet with watch charm in...maybe 1940? The bracelet seems to be made of gold plate over copper, and each 3/4" link is covered with green leather. The 1 1/4" green leather charm securely holds a 7/8" diameter watch. The parts of the back of the watch are marked "BANNER WATCH CO." and "SEVEN 7 JEWELS" and again "BANNER". T are 2 small parts marked "AF", "RS", and a word "UNAO"...w the word is finished under the case. The front of the watch says "SWISS". The bracelet is sturdy with some wear on the gold, but not the leather. The clasp works well. The leather charm has mild wear at the corners, but the stitching is intact. The face of the watch has some scratches, or needs cleaning. The glass cover is missing. The back of the watch has clean, bright looking parts, but whatever covered it is missing, too. When I wind the watch, the gears move; but the watch does not work. However, during photography and carrying it to all my neighbors for help to describe it, it has moved 45 minutes ahead all by itself. This is definately a fun project for a lover of unusual watches. I know nothing about watches, but will be happy to answer any questions.