Vintage Barbie #1661 LONDON TOUR (1966-67) N. Complete CLASSY!

Vintage Barbie #1661 LONDON TOUR (1966-67) N. Complete NICE!
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Authentic - Genuine - Vintage Mattel Barbie Family or Friends Doll Clothing or Accessories
Barbie - Midge - Ken - Allen - Stacey - PJ - Francie - Casey - Twiggy - Skipper - Tutti - Chris

A classy ecru vinyl coat with flared skirt and double berated bodice with a wide collar.

There are four large clear white buttons at the closure.

The plunging neck calls for a bright contrasting aqua/turquoise chiffon scarf around the neck.

An ecru vinyl tam, purse with button tab closure and ecru closed-toe pumps complete the set.


Ecru Vinyl Tam Style Hat

Excellent condition

Ecru Vinyl Shoulder Purse with Button Closure

Excellent condition

Ecru Double Breasted Coat

Structurally excellent shape with all seams and buttons intact.

The inside lining of the Jacket has many stains inside as noted in the pictures.

Very faint smudges and marks on the outside are not too obvious,

so this jacket will make for a nice display piece.

Turquoise Chiffon Scarf

Not an original. Nice contrasting color.

A nice length of real chiffon
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