Vintage Barbie Doll Structure: Barbie Goes To College

This auction is for a vintage Barbie doll structure:
This great Barbie accessory is designed to represent a college campus.
The structure opens up to create two room sets and several backdrops.
The rooms are a college dormitory room and a campus sweet shop.
The dorm room includes two built in closets, a built in vanity and two single beds.
The sweet shop comes with two benches and a phone booth.
The backdrops include a drive in theatre and stadium and two exterior scenes.
The artwork is just spectacular and very sixties in style.
The piece has been played with and does show wear in many places.
The cardboard around the closet to the right in the dorm room is torn. Some tape should fix this easily.
The top to the vanity is missing.
I don't know all the pieces that came with this originally but I believe t were some additional pieces of furniture and accessories that are missing.
The bottom piece which functions as the floor to the closets has what appears to be water marks and is not attached.
The bottom edges of some of the walls also have the same type of marks.
As you can see in the pictures the damage is not severe on the walls and they are in fairly nice condition.
When closed it measures 6.5 x 14.5 X 15 inches.
When open it can
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