Vintage Barbie Francie Ponytail Doll TLC Lot of 30

This is a vintage Mattel Barbie, Francie, Skipper, Tutti, and Mod doll lot of TLC dolls. They are all need some TLC, none are perfect. Great lot to use for parts, or to fix up. Overall they all need cleaning, and do not have any odors. The lot includes:

1 Redhead Bubblecut, has a nose nip, light scratches under the chin, all face paint is present, buttercream lips. Nice full hair. Light green ear, no neck splits. No bite marks, right arm is loose. Nose nip is not that noticeable from a front view. Barbie/Midge body. 2 SL Skipper dolls , one has dry hair, 1 has haircut. No face paint missing, no neck splits. Blonde doll has cuts to left hand. 2 Tutti dolls/ 1 Buffy Doll , Nice face paint, blonde and brunette, blonde has a green spot on forehead. No bite marks, bodies pose. Blonde has green spot on back. Buffy has nice face paint, light green spot on left side of forehead. Light hair cut to left ponytail. Buffy's body poses, no bite marks. 1 Stacey Doll/ 1 Stacey Head , Blonde has nice face paint, light bottom lip rub, hair is a little dry, missing plugs under the back of hair. Blonde body does not have chew marks to hands, missing toes, both knees click. Redhead head has nice full hair, nice face paint, missing eyebrows. Both have nice full eyelashes. 1 Blonde Marlo , nice face paint, light lip rub, nice full hair. Has discoloring
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