Beautiful Vintage Barbie Lemon Blonde Swirl Ponytail Restored by J. Lee

Here is a gorgeous vintage Barbie doll, she was played with, but someone took very good care of her, I believe her hair was trimmed just a little, it still makes a very nice ponytail and has a turn up curl on the ends. Her facial coloring was restored using removable acrylic artist color and sealer, all fingers and toes repainted to match lip color, her new color is almost the same as she had originally. Her hair is all original except I did have to replace one hair plug in the back, its under her ponytail, her hair has been tied in place with a string, so if you want her ponytail to hang down just have to cut the string. Body markings: Midge TM c1962, Barbie R c1958, by Mattel Inc., Patented, her body is very nice with no stains, very light play wear, did notice an extra earring prick on the left ear, it is hard to see. She has no green ear ever, no neck splits, no chew marks, no nose nips, and she has been cleaned from top to bottom and is ready to display. Barbie comes wearing the elegant ensemble she has on which includes a white satin dress, long white gloves, white purse, new white shoes, and a pair of pearl drop earrings, questions are welcome I can usually get back to you the same day, good luck.