Vintage Barbie Townhouse (early 1970s

I've recently acquired some Barbie items from my beloved Aunt. I don't have room for these and would like to have someone who can appreciate them have them. I'll be listing more things over the next few weeks. Please check back if your interested. Thank you.
Barbie Townhouse
Early 1970s.
The structure is complete with extra parts.
T is no furniture with this item.
I would say this is in poor condition.
T are some tears in the backing cardboard and a few stains on the floors.
The elevator and posts are in excellent shape.
Maybe good for replacement parts?
I've revised this for you and taken some pictures. I wasn't sure if I'd remember how!'s not as bad of shape as I'd originally thought. is what I see:
1. cracks, but pain it worn is some places, t is some staining, and not sure who, but someone stuck two doggie stickers to it. They may peel off, I'm not going to try
2. Cardboard, good shape, looks like a little water damage at the very bottom on the first floor, The tabs are torn, but the picture is still great.
3. Parts...all original parts and elevator w/ original string. T are some extra parts. The pillars are orange with this set. I remember playing with it when I was a kid. T are several extra parts to it with some white pillars. This
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