S Vintage 4 Bay Hopper Car by House of Trains

Are you tired of trying to find the rare and very expensive brass rolling stock for your S scale train layout? This 70 ton four bay hopper car might be just the thing for your train. Around 1900, steel started to be the preferred material of choice for freight car construction. After the first twenty years of unique and short lived railroad car designs came a design that was suitable for replacing all of the wooden and early experimental cars. This 4 bay hopper was one of the prototypes that became an industry standard with many railways owning them. It was designed in the mid 1920's and was first built around 1929. Here was the large capacity car that the railroads really needed and proved to be very long lasting. Here is an S gauge model of a four bay hopper car which had been used for hauling coal. It represents one of the A.A.R.'s recommended designs for coal hoppers. The model duplicates the real thing in S (1/64) scale with almost all wood construction. It was produced by The House of Trains based in Chicago, Illinois. From the looks of the parts and style of the kit, it looks like it was made around the mid to late 1950's. This interesting kit features an accurate design, milled wood, cast plastic and metal detail parts, wire staples for grab irons and instructions. All you need is your favorite trucks and couplers (NOT

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