Vintage Beautifully Crafted Pearl Golden Mesh Bracelet

Offered for your bidding is a Vintage Faux Pearl and Golden Mesh Bracelet. The Bracelet is 7 inches in length, and 1/2 inch wide. The Bracelet is golden mesh with a beautiful design of pearls running down the middle of the Bracelet and down its sides. There are Five pearls @ 5.7mm, 15 pearls @ 1.1mm, and 32 pearls at 4.4mm. The photos provide great views of how the pearls are designed on the Bracelet. All the pearls are in great condition and I don't see anything that would indicate a condition concern. The golden mesh bracelet also is without condition concerns. The golden mesh bracelet has that richness of color of 22K or 24K gold that a person sees in the gorgeous jewelry from the East, especially India. The bracelet also has that beautiful and intensive craftsmanship, style and design that a person sees in jewelry from India. This Bracelet is simply beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to anyones jewelry chest.

I am saying "faux" pearl because I do not know for certain if the pearls are real. I am also saying "golden" because I am not certain if the bracelet has gold plating and/or a precious metal as the base metal. I did test the metal for sterling silver and a lesser silver (800) was indicated but with silver testing if its not a sterling indication, its uncertain. The Bracelet is beautiful and rich looking so
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