Vintage Beer Tap Handle Set (4) Hops Brewery

Vintage Microbrewery Tap Handle Set (4)

This tap handle set is made of a special molded epoxy/plastic. They used to dispense handcrafted beer at the Hops Brewery in St. Petersburg, Florida (now defunct). They were given to me while I was a brewer t by my supervisor at the time.

Clearwater Light: Perhaps the most beautiful tap handle in American Brewpub history. This wonderful mermaid stands poised to dive and is a great conversation piece behind your bar. The label at the base is slightly discolored but the mermaid is in perfect condition.

Lightning Bold Gold: A most unusual tap that starts with a storm cloud at the top striking a lightning bolt down into a treasure chest full of silver and gold coins. This tap is exceedingly rare as with extended use the lightning bolt tended to break off and t was never a replacement to be found. Use this tap handle with caution! T is discoloration in the storm cloud.

Hammerhead Red: The most used of all the tap handles in this set. The magnificent hammerhead has been well used and loved but still retains some of its glory. Significant discoloration throughout but the frame is intact except for a couple of incedental chips on the lower fins. This tap handle is a must for your Red Ale or Lager.

A1 Ale (a.k.a. Alligator Ale): If you like fantastic bursts
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