Vintage BERTILLON MUG SHOTS - 4 Criminal Cards

This set of four genuine Bertillion mug shot cardsare 6” x 5 ½”, and dated 1914-1915. On the backs of three of the cards is: "Bureau of Identification, Department of Police, City of San Francisco." The fourth card also mentions the institution California State Prison at Folsom.

On the front of each card is listed information such as height, head length, head width, cheek width, foot size, age, nationality, and occupation. One of these men was a sailor, one was a paperboy, one was a salesman, and one says "elect" (whatever that means). The backs of the cards list such information as "marks, scars and moles", date of arrest, and skin color. Each features a B/W photo of the arrestee, detained for crimes varying from robbery to larceny to burglary, (one card does not specify). The names of these men are documented but unknown, because a black marker was run across them.

These detailed cards were used before fingerprints were known to be unique. Thus, they are filled with interesting tidbits of personal information such as "Both cheeks pock marked", "Hands and arms freckled", and descriptions of tattoos such as, “RIP” and “Girl in tights with hands clasped on head, standing on globe."

The cards are slightly warped and discolored from age, however there are no rips or tears or stains. The B/W photos are detailed
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