Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority Pin Lot

Not sure of the date of these pins, but they were purchased in an estate sale of a deceased lady in her late 80s. Pins appear to be gold with gold chains. I am not a jeweler, so cannot verify the metals and stones used to make these pins. Pin #1 has a clear stone (could be diamond or cyrstal?) with 6 tiny seed pearls below. Pin #2 is similar without the clear stone and also has six seed pearls with a black background on either side. Pin #3 is a gold gavel with chain and has 9 tiny seed pearls on the hammer. Pin #4 is a gavel with chain and has a larger clear center stone (diamond?). Pin #5 is a gold torch with tiny pink stone in the center and has a thin gold chain. Next to it is a goldtone heart with Beta Sigma Omicron letters in center and the date 1981 on the back. Pin #6 is a Xi Kappa Gamma chapter guard with chain. Pin #7 is a scroll-shaped pin with tiny pink stone in center. Pin #8 is a Ritual of the Jewels pin holder. Set also includes All are pinned to a six inch felt badge with velvet center ribbon. The pin on the top has metal sorority initials glued on felt backing to a bronze oval pin. I do not know if these pins are real gold or if the stones are semi-precious or look-alikes. What you see is what you get, so please ask questions first -- all sales final! NOW FOR THE BUSINESS
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