VINTAGE Betsy McCall Doll Parts+Clothes+REPAIR INSTRCTS

I have recently added a new segment—‘Head Seam Crack’—that previous Betsy Repair Instructions Buyers may contact me for free update.

5 day auction— The parts and clothes can be shipped without the ‘hospital’ case for lower shipping. I will need your zip code along with your request for quote before the auction ends and if you win, wait for an adjusted invoice.

Personally, I do not believe that any of these parts or clothing items have much value in themselves. But rather than throw them away, I figure that they will do well to practice the repair instructions and suggestions I am including. Parts of the clothing items may be salvaged to use to put on a better item or to create something new. Because of the condition of these items, this auction is sold 'as is' with no refund .

These ideas are specific to the problems that you will run into as you collect the 1957-1963 hard plastic 8” Betsy Mc Call doll and have each been successfully developed and used over the years by myself (with a lot of help from my husband) and a few suggestions from my Betsy friends. Some of the suggestions involve harsh materials, so please use them only as a last resort for very played-with dolls.

You will find ideas and steps to follow for:

- Take Off Soil

- Washing Betsy’s Hair

- Stained Hard
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