Vintage Bicycle BIKE RACER CABINET PHOTO champion Frame

*** 2nd and last listing of this rare and interesting image. Price is near what I paid for unframed piece years ago . . . you will not be disappointed.

*** One of my collecting interests has been antique bicycle photos. I especially liked unusual ones and framed them in equally unusual antique frames. I'm selling this collection to finance a new collecting interest. This set represents 2-3 decades of searching for both historic photographic image and exquisite frame, so check out my other items .

Auction: (Photos are your best indicator of what's being offered, so check them out and decide for yourself. Remember though that photos were taken with glass on which causes glare and/or a lowering of perceived intensity or color. Much nicer in hand .

Photo: Simply fantastic! Rare, excellent condition cabinet photo of bike racer in his racing shorts, holding his bicycle and surrounded by rophies, medals and a wide range of high-end Victorian prizes (clock, portable bar or liquor case, table frame or mirror, china, ivory-handled carving set, camera, etc.) Also, a ton of medals on his shirt and around his neck! He obviously won many races and had to have had some fame at the time. Tour d'France? Yesterday's Lance Armstrong? I do knowafter years of collecting that a racer and his rewards is a unique find. Studio
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