Vintage Bike Bug Aquabug Tanaka Bicycle Motor

Vintage Bike Bug Aquabug Tanaka Bicycle Motor (Bicycle Not Included!) . is a garage sale find, that I just couldn't resist messing with before I put it up on Ebay. This 1970's vintage Aquabug Bike Bug motor was all dirty in an old box just waiting for a second chance. After wiping the grime off of it, it didn't look to bad at all! A few paint peels and scrapes, but overall not too bad, the chrome is very nice and shiny. The gas tank sticker has a couple of scuffs, but still quite readable and decorative. The original rubber roller was falling apart, and checking on the internet, I found that rollerskate wheels were a replacement that others had great success in using. I couldn't find the right rollerskate wheels, but a pair of rollerblade wheels pressed on the hub seem to work pretty well, they probably wear more than the rollerskate wheels, you might want to change to them if these aren't working well enough, but they have worked for me in the week that I've had this motor. The rubber exhaust hose between the engine and muffler is broken. I taped it up and that lasts for a while, replacement hoses are available. See the pictures of the hose taped up and with the tape off. I replaced the air filter with a filter from my weedeater, it seems to work pretty well. With the age of the engine, a tune up and fuel filter change would
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