Vintage Bisque Nancy Ann NASB Storybook doll Quaker JT!

Hi ebayers! I'm back again.
Look what I have for you!
Who you are bidding on is a little 5 and a quarter inch Nancy Ann Story book doll called "Quaker Maid." If you were looking for some help in the kitchen (Or a wonderful little centerpiece) for the holidays, this is your maid. We're calling her Annie. Look, Annie made the turkey!
She is #55 and is pictured on page 57 of the Nancy Ann Story Book Encyclopedia Bisque edition. Annie is marked on her back "Story book doll USA 11." She is slim jointed and that means that not only are her arms jointed (all Nasb dolls arms are jointed, Duh!) but also her legs are jointed and her tummy is slim, not pudgy. Her dress is tan taffeta with an attached organdy apron. She is missing the little slip of organdy that fits around her front and back. But we think she still looks Quaker-ish enough to eat with the Indians on Thanksgiving. Annie has an attached cotton slip and pantaloons. Her facepaint is good, you can see her little eyelashes. Her wig is full and curled nicely. Her bonnet is organdy with a once black now grey ribbon tie.
But look, here comes that girl from my other auction again. She's so sweet and tall. She makes Annie look like a shrimp. She gave Annie one of her candy apples. So Annie has a turkey on a china plate and a candy apple too.
Overall I think that
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