Wewould like to bring to you European antiques and collectibles, mainly Alpine Folk Art, hunting goods, Tramp Art, Black Forest wood carving..........

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Most of our items are old or antique and have been used - so we do not mention the normal wear and tear, common to older items. But of course we will mention any repair or damage!

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Black Forest carved towel rack

This towel rack, which dates to ca 1880, shows some signs of age wear - not uncommon with a piece that old,

T is a crack on the right bar-support, which was repaired at some time in the past: see picture.

The upper right corner of the frame is shorter than the left one - so obviously a small piece has chipped off - see picture

And a piece of wood has split off on the top left - also see picture, but hardly visible from the front.

Though this sounds as if we were selling a wreck - which is not the case. We just believe in mentioning every damage - no matter how small.

Frame of the rack realistically carved to look like a tree limb, topped with a carved leaf.

With a vintage embroidery, behind glass, with some age wear to the fabric. Saying in German - which translate into English:

"The early bird catches the
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