This is a nearly full old bottle of Black Leaf 40, Nicotatine Sulphate. It is a rare find in it's original box with a long sheet of instructions on how to use this stuff. The instructions say that in 1932 the United States Department of Agriculture announced that Nicotine Sulphate sprayed on shrubs repels dogs. It can be used to delouse your chickens, and remove feather mites. It was used in the garden to remove "sucking insects, chewing insects and ants." It will also kill aphids, most thrips, leafhoppers, slugs, leaf-miner, you get the idea. It would do anything for anyone. It look like you could also make a drench for your sheep out of it. T was only 1 ounce in the bottle so it must not have taken much of it to do the job.

The bottle and the instruction are in great shape. The box is nice but the little top flap is missing.