Vintage Black Powder Log Splitting Wedge Rail Splitter

You are bidding on a vintage black powder log splitter. This item should be used for a display and conversation item only. The safe use of this item is questionable. I do not claim that this is functional! It weighs about 12 pounds with shipping material and box. Its length is about 15" and the diameter is about 2". This item was purchased on an estate sale and I do not know any information with regards to its previous owner.

If I have overlooked something significant in my description, please let me know and I will take another look and/or send/post more pictures.

I do offer shipping discounts on items won during the time span of one week. All that I ask is that you communicate with me to let me know you are interested in the discount.

I usually mail the same day or next day after your Paypal payment has been received. Check my feedback and notice the positive remarks related to shipping of items.

And remember, it is better to get your questions answered before you bid than to be uncertain about something and be unhappy after the bidding closes. I communicate often with potential buyers and answer all emails as soon as possible.

Due to the interest and questions I have added 4 more pictures.

One is of the fuse hole.

Another is of the balancing point w the splitter's center
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