Available is this Vintage Black Wood Rosary. The size on this measures 22" in Dia. With close to a 5 1/2 inch drop from the centerpiece. The silver medal next to the crucifix reads Sancte Antoni De Padua O.P.N. Shows Saint Anthony holding the Christ Child. The other side of the medal reads Scte Fracisce De Assisso O.P.N. And appears to be Saint Francis of Assisi. The centerpiece on one side reads Virgo Carmel with Mary holding the Christ child. On the other side is Christ of the Sacred Heart and the word France. The crucifix is silver metal with black inlaid of some sort. I took this up to the monastery and one of the friars advised it's late 1800's. This rosary is shown with a chip of bone from our Beloved Saint Dominic which will be touched prior to the shipping. If you have any questions feel free to let us know. Since you have access to the Internet feel free to watch the Mass, Life on the Rock and Mother Angelica on Thank you for viewing and may you find peace in the Lord. Shipping is only 3.50

Just a note. If wonder w the Rosary first started. Click on this link to learn when we started saying the Rosary. /expert/answers/rosary_history.htm Thank you and Pax et Bonum