This is a collection of blacksmith chisels of various sizes and makes. T are four PRITCHELS. The only two pritchels that are marked are in the middle of the pritchels in the photo. One is a Kraluter made in U.S.A. #635 1/4 inch. The second one is a STANLEY ATHA MADE IN U.S.A. T are five cold chisels.The second and third from the right in the photo are the only ones with markings on them. These are a NEW BRITAIN #927 MADE IN U.S.A. AND THE OTHER IS ETCHED WITH CEECO OR CEEOO ( I am not sure which it says) These tools are all in GOOD CONDITION. great to add to your blacksmith working tool box or your vintage tool collection. Thank you for looking. These will be shipped at flat rate prioity mail.

our items are shipped according to weight and location at the best available rate.