Vintage Blenko Cobalt Blue Large Deco Era Hand Blown

Blenko ---- This vintage piece is in super mint condition with label intact with no tearing or pulling. No chips - cracks or snags on this piece. Piece is 12 inches across and 8 inches high. And weighs 2lbs 16 ounces ( Shipping weight is 6 lbs. due to extreme packing this piece will take). Pictures do not do this piece justice - the cobalt color is stunning and the size of the piece is fabulous. HINT -- take a piece of copy paper 8x11 1/2 -- turn it on the side long ways - this is dow tall the piece is.... layin down on your desk and add a 1/2 inch this is how wide it is. Now you can get the feel for the size of this retro glass item!!

For those who like the history of the item::: I was helping out at a local estate auction (parking cars) and the daughter of the deceased asked me if I saw anything I would like _ of course I pointed this out... not that I know what Blenko glass was but for the color --- the auctioneer was not happy and told me I "robbed" the daughter as this piece was well over $200!! Well I hope some one gets it for less than that!

Want insurance? Request it at check out. I over pack my items. I do not charge for handing or packaging materials. I charge just what the post office charges me. Priority mail rates. Delivery Confirmation is FREE. Mailed on Monday and Fridays. Good Luck Bidding!! Happy
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