Vintage Blessed Matt Talbot Religious Medal Sobriety

Vintage Blessed Matt Talbot Religious Medal Sobriety

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The front of this vintage silverplated medal bears a nicely raised and detailed image of Venerable Matt Talbot. The outer edge of the front is finished with a shiny raised rim. The reverse is inscribed, "Self-Control and Charity are sorely needed today...Matt Talbot." Talbot is the patron saint of those battling or recovering from addictions. It measures 5/8 inch wide and 1 inch long. It shows some wear and discoloration from age and use, and may restore to shine with a good cleaning.


Venerable Matt Talbot - (1856 - 1925)

From his early teens until age 28 Matt's only aim in life had been liquor. But from that point forward, his only aim was God. Matt Talbot was born May 2, 1856, the second of twelve children born to Charles and Elizabeth Talbot. In Matt's early years he knew little security or stability. Compulsory school attendance was not in force, and Matt never attended any school regularly.

At the age of twelve Matt ot his first job; it was in a wine bottling store and that is when his excessive drinking began. One evening when he was 28 he went out and found a priest, went to confession and "took the Pledge" for three months. Many times he felt he would not be able to hold out for three months,
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