Vintage Blue Moriage Dragonware(Taisho)

This is a Blue Moriage Dragon-ware pattern which ishand made and painted as evidenced by the variances in the pieces. The dragon has piercing blue eyes on each piece and it looks three dimensional. It has vivid blues,reds, oranges, charcoals, and gold trims.This set is in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. The set includes 5- regular sized cups with lithophane pictures of Geisha's in the bottoms, 5-4"Diameter saucers, 5-7" diamete plates, 1- tea pot with lid, 1-sugar bowl with lid, and 1-creamer. A great addition for the Dragon-ware collector Circa. 1949. History and Methods of Moriageware:
China was known by the generic name of Paris and Old Paris was made in several Parisian factories during the 18th and 19th centuries. The items made of Paris (porcelain, yet called China or Paris) were decorated with floral bouquets and raised banding or wet slipware applications. Japanese ceramic wares called moriage were pieces decorated with applied slipwork designs

" Dragonware is the term used to describe porcelain items with a raised decoration which depicts an oriental dragon. These items were produced in Japan from the end of the 1800's until the mid 1900's. Over that time period, styles and materials changed dramatically."
Most Dragonware pieces are decorated with moriage which is a type of slip clay that gives
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