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This is a Vintage Nautical Boat Ship One Mile Spotlight Recently Removed From A Matthew's 55' Yacht in Washington, DC!

During a recent renovation of a Matthew's 55 foot Yacht in Washington, DC this large spotlight was removed. It would make a decorative item for any nautical enthusiast or even install it on your yacht!


Finish: Chrome Gears seem to move Tag reads: One Mile Ray, The Portable Light Co. Inc. Kearney, NJ Model on tag: 738 Volts: 19? Hard to read Bulb: 19? Hard to read Type: O-M-R Trademark: Half-Mile Ray Glass in tact no cracks, with light bulb 30" Overall Length 11" Diameter Spotlight 18" Cord Mounting Base Diameter 7" with 4 holes for mounting Age: exact age is unknown Removed From: A Matthews Vintage 55 foot Yacht Unsure if it's functioning, unable to test.

Condition: Overall this spotlight is very heavy. The chrome shows pitting which is to be expected for it's age. We do not know much more about it than what we list and cannot tell you whether it would fit onto to your yacht/boat.

Shipping: This spotlight is fragile due to the glass and will need to be shipped in a large box for added protection.

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