Please read all carefully . :-)


Kevin was brilliant to deal with, he was very helpful. Package wrapped well

Good item & good seller #### Thank you ####

Great badge,super fast service,thank you.AAA

Friendly correspondence and prompt despatch - Thanks

Very nice item, friendly and immediate service. Highly recommended!

Firstly be happy with the postage price{ROYAL MAIL SET THESE PRICES NOT ME!}.If you think its too much,then it is simple,do not bid.I am fed up with sneaky low scoring DSR's left by people who do not realise that the price charged is what i get charged by the Post Office.So if you think it is too much,then just don't bid.Sorry to all the good ebayers out there that understand this. :-)

IMPORTANT .Please note that I do not pack items until the end of auction.So please be patient and don't request total for your P&P through ebay,as I WILL contact YOU within 48hrs.Check your email system is working correctly as i always send within this time.

*****VERY IMPORTANT***** Please DO NOT PAY until you have received the invoice,as the postage price can vary{please see the reason for this below}.This saves so much work for me and you.

I will always use the most economical insured post.Where possible

Please be aware that if an item sells for more than £500 outside of the UK then the postage price will be considerably more.This is because Royal mail international signed for only insures up to £500.I will have to use a firm such as UPS or Parcelforce.


UK Buyers:- If an item that sells for over £500 is paid by cheque or bank to bank transfer then I will pay the postage.

Overseas Buyers:-If an item that sells for over £1000 is paid by bank to bank transfer then I will pay the postage.

I am really sorry about the next bit :-(

The reason for me writing this,is because all of this takes so much more time and makes so much more work for me when it is incorrectly done.I am sorry for writing this next paragraph as i know the majority of Ebayers do wait for the invoice. :-)

Please be aware that i will not send you the item until the FULL postage amount has been paid to me.This is because i sell on behalf of customers and they do not refund me the difference if i am underpaid by you.Please also understand that if you pay too much postage because YOU decide TO PAY and not wait for the invoice then i will no longer refund the difference.So please do not use the feedback option to say the postage was too much when YOU paid the postage amount shown on the listing without waiting to get the final correct price.Also the Royal Mail set the postal prices,not me and i do show all my charges up front.Thank you.

Please be agreeable to my payment methods before bidding.If you cannot use one of these methods,please do not bid.

I am not an expert on any of the items listed and have described them the best i can,so please feel free to ask me any questions .

I do not accept offers for items on sale so please do not waste your time or mine by asking me for a buy it now price.

Please leave feedback after you have received your item and are happy with it.I will respond with mine within two weeks.

Please also read my other terms and conditions below.Thank you very much for your help and patience{ it just saves so much extra work! :-) }.


This medal was awarded to 6018.PTE.J.WATKINS.S.WALES.BORD. ITEM CONDITION

It is in quite good condition and would make a fantastic addition to your collection.

***PLEASE SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS*** Postage Guide for items OVER £46.00

Special delivery International Signed For

{Next day} {Europe is less than price shown}

{upto £500 Value} {upto £500 Value}

100g £5.45 + Packing £9.52 + Packing

500g £5.90 + Packing £13.93 + Packing

1000g £7.00 + Packing £19.48 + Packing

2000g £9.05 + Packing £30.59 + Packing

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