Vintage Bond Flashlight Bell System Switchless Right Angle Domed Lens 1920's

Antique Bond switchless flashlight.My research says it's a 1924 Bond right angle switchless flashlight.Focusing light lens.At least is from the 1920's. Untested. 7 1/2 " in length. Has a patent # on one stainless steel end Patent No. 1,599,499. Also on that end, please note there is a small dent on the edge.Overall aged normal for a flashlight is way over 80 years old and has been in use.It is not mint but shows normal age. What makes this unique as it was made for Bell Telephone company and must have been issues for Bell telephone employees and was their property.Says that on the clip on holder on side,Bell System. On the other end-both ends screw off-has Bond also Bond Electric Corp. Jersey City,N.J. and Use Mono-Cell No.102.Made in U.S.A. of course.Well built,has black ribbed body and the fish-eye type lens is thick as heck with a few scratches (normal) and bulb inside- untested and have no idea if it lights up. All seems complete and surfaces have a few areas of light rust I figure would buff out with a very fine steel wool-I'm offering it as is,as found,as described.Both ends unscrew fine and not rusted up or crappy inside. Not damaged or inside not messed up. Only the small dent it seems-showing that pic. Also I wrote this if it helps and is fun: Vintage flashlight.No switch,right angle with Walleye Dome glass lens. Bond right ... read more