Vintage Bowie knife Germany Ruko Custom MK VI unused

Bought in 1980. Probably made in 1973 (see below). Never used, carried or sharpened. Made in Solingen, Germany to Ruko specifications. (Ruko is a large Canadian distributor, operating since 1956.)

Size : overall: 10"; blade: 5-1/2"

Description :

per back of box - quoted:


One of Ruko's specialties is hunting knives. The Ruko Custom Design series is the result of 17 years of experience as Canada's foremost supplier of outdoor knives.* It was the aim of Mr. Rudolf Koppe, President of Ruko of Canada Limited, to create not only a knife of exceptional style and beauty, but to provide for the North American Outdoorsman a tough, strong and functional tool with a razor-sharp cutting edge.


We selected from hundreds of knife steels an extra high carbon steel that has the exact balance of silicium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphate and chromium to achieve maximum toughness and above average hardness. The blades are hardened and tempered to an ideal RC 60 (Rockwell Hardness Test) All knives are hand honed to a "Razor's edge".


The most critical point in a knife is the link between the blade and the handle called the tang. We created a blade with a special tang that is nearly twice as wide as the tang on an ordinary hunting knife; tby
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