vintage Boy on Churn cookie jar

This is one of the prettiest, most delicately colored jars produced during the 1950s when airbrushing became the art of of the era.......... This American Bisque jar is in top condition: no cracks, no chips, excellent, complete paint...(except: beneath the little boy's heel t is a rough spot w the side meets the bottom. Perhaps a mold flaw? A pottery shard during the painting or glazing process.) It doesn't photograph but it can be felt (and seen under bright light). With 500 cookie jars to list, I hope you will ask for more photos, etc, or ask questions. if you'd like additional photos, please ask & include your private email so we can attach photo by reply. We are selling our personal collection of 800 cookie jars. We are down to our final 500 which , for the most part, are our favorites, the unusual, hard to find. We are at retirement age and its not easy going up and down stairs anymore. We will try to add a few more each day so we hope you will bookmark us as a favorite seller. We do require insurance but try to pack with care. We've tried to be good stewards of these jars over the years and want them to arrive safely. If you have a question, please ask before bidding. We try to accurately describe post factory flaws or damage, and price accordingly. Early period manufacturing processes were not sophisticated. Make a REASONABLE ... read more