Vintage Brass Cannon, 11.5 " Civil War Cast Brass

This is a large, heavy model made of brass. The cannon is approximately 11.5 inches long. It is part of a signal cannon collection that belonged to my Father. The collection was given to me for safe keeping prior to his passing in 1990. He enjoyed looking at them and would make some noise with one of them every July 4. Not sure which type of cannon this is. It has the knob on the end for wrapping a rope around to secure it on a ship. I believe the barrel is called the Napoleonic type. Width of the cannon from top of wheel across is 5-1/4 inches approximately. Wheels are 4-1/2 inches high approximately.

The touch hole does NOT open into the barrel. There are no cracks or chips to the brass anywhere on it. There are a lot of either mold marks or wear marks on it, like tiny dents. There are no markings as to the maker either. This cannon will not fire. It does have a very faint powder smell to it, possibly from putting a small Chinese fire cracker in the end of the barrel. All parts of the cannon are brass as tested with a magnet.

This cannon would make a fine display piece after it is cleaned up, or for use by a re-enactor to make some cannon noise with a small firecracker. It is not a weapon. The breech does not open. I have several others to put up for sale also on Ebay this week and several more to be auctioned
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