Vintage brass old English Sanctus bell Leo Agnus Pelicanus Aquila Christian 12

An old church hand bell.
This is a brass sanctuary or Sanctus bell. This is a bell, used during Christian Mass in the Roman Catholic and Anglican High Church traditions. It depicts four animals with clear Christian symbolism: Agnus (lamb) - which represents Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God Pelicanus (pelican) - which represents the self-sacrificing nature of Christ (through vulning) Aquila (eagle) - the baptised Christ Leo (lion) - Christ as the Lion of Judah It rings loud and clear.
The bell is marked:
Size: Three and a half inches tall
Condition: Very good condition, as you can see from the photographs. Of course there are some small marks from normal use. The clapper is a bit rusty, and is rather small compared with the size of the bell, but it certainly does the job!



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