Vintage Brevetti Robbiati ATOMIC Espresso/Coffee Maker

My espresso maker collection is taking over the kitchen, so I am going to have to start parting with some of them. Over the next months I will be selling a number of Atomic, Vesuviana, and La Pavoni espresso makers. This week I am listing several and then it will be a couple of weeks before more are ready.

This is a gorgeous original, very early vintage Atomic espresso maker, made by Brevetti Robbiatti. It is the first style of atomic. In the U.K. the patent was applied for in December 21, 1947 (pat. number 633,988). In the U.S., the patent was applied for on the 17th of April of 1951. This was the style in those patent applications.

This is a gorgeous, fully restored, atomic. I am willing to part with it because it has been too much a pity to me to use an atomic that is so beautiful. Also I like to use my orange atomic.

It measures about 8" inches tall by about 9" inches wide by about 5" inches deep. It is in very good condition. It has its original parts, except that it only has one grinds cup. Of course, all of the knobs move freely.

The bakelite is in great undamaged shape. The label is in excellent shape, but the label is dirty and I didn't want to chance damaging the label. The seals have all been replaced, even the headgasket. I had it made, laser cut from high grade silicone. I have extras,
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