Vintage Breyer BRIGHTY Donkey - Mule GIFT Set ! - Rare!

Vintage Breyer BRIGHTY Donkey-Mule GIFT Set!

This Breyer 'Brighty of the Grand Canyon' Gift Set
is Complete and Hard to Find!

Produced by the Breyer Molding Company.
Breyer Number: 2075 - Breyer Animal Creations.
In used, but Very Good CONDITION!
Considering this Breyer Brighty Gift Set
is over 30 years old.
And... Sadly, Long ago Retired and No Longer produced.

This Adorable Vintage Breyer Brighty Donkey is in Very Good Condition!
Produced by the Breyer Molding Company.
Breyer Animal Creations #2075, Chicago, Illinois.
Breyer Mold # 375 Gray Sitting Donkey.

This is a Nice Vintage Breyer Brighty Sitting Donkey.
With the original factory paint finish.
Which is a lighter Gray with Darker Gray Shading.
T is a Nice Neat Dark shaded dorsal stripe,
that goes all the way down his back.
And t are Nice Neat Dark shaded stripes on each side of his shoulders.
See my photos.

T are No chips, knicks, cracks, breaks or repairs
However, t is some normal, minor paint wear from storage.
Located on the following areas :
The back side of each Ear has a small amount of paint loss.
The edges of the hooves has minimal paint loss.
One small speck of paint loss on his back area, near the dorsal stripe.
One tiny speck of paint loss just above

This is the Breyer Catagory: Traditional Size.
This Adorable Brighty Donkey is made of a hard quality plastic.
With a realistic textured finish, And measures approximately:
8 inches tall by 6 inches in Length.

The Vintage Breyer Brighty Box is in very good condition.
It is still a sturdy Box with a plastic handle on the top.
The Box still has Bright Colorful Graphics, dispite its age.
However, t is normal shelf wear from age.
T is one surface scuff mark located on the top of the box.
It is about the size of a fifty cent piece.
T are just a few small water marks on the outside of the box.
These are not noticible, unless you are looking for them.
The inside of the box is Clean.
The box measures:
6 1/2 inches high by 10 inches in length by 4 1/4 inches wide.
The Box has No offensive odors, No musty smell.

The Brighty of the Grand Canyon Book is dated: 1974.
The Book is in very good condition.
It is a soft cover book with Colorful graphics on the front and back side.
T are plenty of Nice illustrations through-out the book.
The illustrations are by: Wesley Dennis.

The Author of this Book is the Famous Marguerite Henry!
A world renown writer of children's books.
This book was an AWARD Winner of children's books.

This book shows some wear from age.
T is one slight crease on the front cover.
The Book cover is clean, No markings on it.
The pages are clean, No markings on any of the pages.
T are 223 pages. - No missing pages.
The binding and spine on the book are still tight.
No offensive odors, No musty smells.

Note: My Photos may show what may look like flaws,
but this is Only Reflections from my Camera's Flash.
Any Flaws, if any, have already been noted in my description.

If you have any Questions, or need more photos,
Please Ask, and I will Reply as soon as possible.

This Vintage Breyer # 2075 Brighty of the Grand Canyon GIFT Set is Complete .

And a Wonderful Addition to Any Collection!


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Don't miss out on this Adorable Vintage Breyer 'Brighty of the Grand Canyon' GIFT Set!

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Silence Takes on a New Meaning, When the Only Sound
is that of Approaching Hoof_Beats.

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