For sale: Scarce vintage Buck model 565 "Tiny Titanium" pocketknife. The 565 was supposedly a three-year model that was offered from 1989-1992. However, I have owned examples dated as late as 1995. There were less than 15,000 of these knives made during its entire production life and the majority of those appear to have been the rainbow anodized versions. This example is the blue version. I'm fairly certain the 565 in blue was a one-year only production,made in 1990.

The knife shows few signs of use and really appears to have only been used a time or two. It remains in excellent condition with no problems and it does not appear to have been carried. It has not been sharpened and retains its factory edge. The knife has not been cleaned or buffed and remains completely original.

This was a very unique model for Buck. They began making titanium knives in the mid 1980's and stopped offering the titanium models around 2000 when the factory that supplied their titanium handles burned down. This model was supposed discontinued in 1992. The knife was very nicely made and is a solid, versatile, and easy to carry folder. It's very light in weight and very tough. The knife packs all of Buck's standard quality, craftsmanship, and performance into this unique little package. The handle is of blue anodized titanium and has a very
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