Vintage Buddy L 1963 Ranchero Fire Wagon Pumper Truck ~ "Rare" Estate Find !

~Vintage "Buddy L" 1963 Ranchero Fire Wagon Pumper Truck ~
"VERY RARE" Estate Sale Find ! Nice Condition !
~~ ~ITEM NEWLY RE-LISTED ~~ ~(Previous E-Bay Buyer Bid on a "Buy It Now" And Never Paid ~ His/Her Loss Is Your Gain!)
Up For Auction and Your Viewing Is A "Buddy L" Ranchero Fire Pumper Truck Wagon. This One is a RARE Find! ~ It is in Good Condition Considering it's Age. From What I can Gather, This Fire Pumper Truck Originally had a "Garden Hose" Connector that connected a Garden Hose to the rear of the Fire Truck, the Water would flow through a Interior Hose (Still Attached Inside the Truck) and the Water would Come out the Top Hose Monitor which is Sticking up through the top of the Truck Cab. If you can find One of these trucks Anywhere, which is unlikely, usually the Hose Nozzle is missing on top of the truck. It Does have Some Minor Damage to the Front Corner of the Bumper, missing a few Pieces. Some of these Items I have been able to find On line individually. The Pictures will Visually Describe The Item's Condition Much Better Than I Can Describe it.
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