Vintage Bulova hamilton clinton swiss watch lot

This is a wonderful lot of 3 quality vintage watches

The clinton is to the far left in the photo it is labeled either 10k or 14k (white gold)bezel (I am not sure which and I do not have a loop). The face of the watch reads Clinton 17 jewels Swiss. The watch band is a very nice stretch metal style and is fit for a dainty wrist. The face is covered by a very nice thick bubble glass with no scratches. All in all I'd say this is a wonderful peice that was very well cared for or never worn at all! nice clean seam were the stainless steel back and top meet.

The Hamilton is the the far right of the three. It is labled 14k gold with a jewlers mark/symbol and stamped Hamilton the band and face are lovely and in fabulous condition. Again the watch is for a dainty wrist as well. The clasp is working nicely and it also has an attached chain.

The Bulova (in the middle) is gold tone with a gold mesh band and working clasp. It is stamped bulova LO with the series no. 730785 The clasp is stamped 10k gold GF (gold filled) It has a bubble glass top and is in need of some polishing.

I cannot tesitify as to whether any of these work. I can only state they appear to be well cared for and show no signs as to why they would not work, or be in the condition to be in working order by a watch smith/ jewler.

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