This is a lovely Bust of a Young Girl. She is 17" tall and 11" wide at her shoulders. She is also very heavy - 23 lbs. She is a creamy white color and is wearing a top that ties in the front with a bow. She has on a bonnet with a double row of ruffles and her curls are coming out from underneath her bonnet. The bonnet also has a bow in the back. Her eyes are cast to the side and down and she has a very delicate nose and mouth. She is signed on her back left shoulder - PARIS and it looks like GRINCUM or CRINCUM NIAM. She sits on a pedestal. I have no idea what material she is made from. She is cast but is not metal of any kind. I am guessing a plaster or resin of some sort. She was supposedly purchased in Europe 40+ years ago, but I can't guarantee that. That's what I was told when I purchased her. Only flaw I can find is one VERY TINY flea bite on the edge of her bonnet. I didn't even notice it until I started to list her. Very Beautiful! Insurance is required on this item.