Vintage butterscotch amber -style necklace 92cm

Another one from granny's collection. Not sure where or when she got this one (she lived in USA for some years in the 20/30s but also worked in a jewellers in Scotland in approx. 1950s), but it looks very like "butterscotch amber". Some of the beads have a streaky look which a jeweller has told me may mean they are made from "extruded resin" whatever that is, rather than actual amber.

Anyway they're a beautiful colour of yellowy-orange, currently 92cm (roughly 3ft) long. The largest bead is approx. 24 x 13mm. The original stringing material has stretched a little so the beads are more like 90cm in total length. Restringing would remove the current gap. The total weight is 38g.

The catch is made from the same material as the beads, and is formed from two halves which screw together. This is original, but really strong.

Any other questions, please ask me.