ESTATE FRESH !! Here are 5-1/2 pounds of buttons from Granny's old tins.... this is a combination of old & not-so-old.... loose & some still on original cards... there are all colors, shapes & sizes included. You'll get plastic, metal, shell?, glass (there's an adorable little white glass heart in here), cloth covered, even some with little rhinestone sparklies in them, & some that look like they are wood !! Some are still on their original little card (some of the cards are torn, others will only still have 1 or 2 of the buttons attached). Some are one-of-a-kind, others will have multiples .... some of them are tied together with thread, others will still have little thread remnants still attached from the clothing they were on..... Overall, a nice lot. These were stored in tins, and some of them are dirty, but should clean up beautifully... I have NOT cleaned anything, all I did was take out the loose pins, odd buckles & trash that is almost always found in an old button box. I might have overlooked a bead or two, but tried to get the odd things out, so its all buttons for ya !! Lots of projects here !! Sizes will range from tiny to really large !! Lucky buyer pays $10.00 s/h.