Vintage Buttons 1000's. Two Jars Full. Some Military, glass, metal etc. AWESOME

Today up for consideration are two canning jars full of old vintage buttons. I have picked through them a little. not really a button expert. I bought these at an estate sale. The older lady said she had been collecting them for years. I have taken photos of what I thought were some really unique buttons. Not saying there are not matches. I just did not go through the entire collection. And there are indeed matches for a lot. The military buttons have readings on the back. very hard to read. I am afraid to clean them for fear of tampering with the patina. but for what I can see and read.
One button looks like it has a soldier standing with a crooked staff in his hand. There are three that I found that have an eagle, anchor and stars over top. Reading on the back D.Evans and Co.Attleboro, MA - Another says Horstmann, Phil, New York. - one has just an anchor on the front, the soldier button is very unique looking.
on all these thousands of vintage buttons , I am confident you will have a blast picking through them all.

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