Vintage Cambridge Candle Arms (3) Sets (see pictures)

Up for bid is (3) sets of Cambridge Candle Arms put together as per the pictures supplied. I purchased these at an estate sale as a whole pile of parts that evidently even the people from the estate did not know how to put them together or what they were used for. I got out my old cambridge glass catalog and started to put arms together from the pictures in the book. I dont know if what I have is assembled correctly but you will get the idea of what parts I have up for bid. These parts all seem to be in great condition no chips,cracks or cloudy glass. The main assembly consists of a verticle base with (2) three spoked arms and at the end of each spoke in the lower arm are three socket vases and on the top three spoked arm t are (3) bobeches each with 8 prism (24) prisms in all. On the next assembly the same base with (2) 3 spoke arms with a cup in the top socket. The third assembly consists of a (3) light candlestick with a cross arm in the center socket that contains two cone shaped vases one on each end. Thats the way I have them assembled but they could be assembled in many different ways. The way you will get them will be each part wrapped individually and you can assemble them to your liking. You could buy more parts on e-bay and come up with some really intriging designs. Check out the cambridge glass catalog for more ideas ... read more