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This is a statuesque forest green cocktail glass from the Ohio Glass Company.She is from line 3011. She is very clean no chips, no cracks, and no flea bites. She is approximately 6 1/2 inches tall, the statue is 4 inches tall the cup is 2 inches deep and holds approximately 3 ounces. This could also be called a sherry or small wine glass. She has a few pinpoint bubbles and swirls that are due to the unique hand made process, she is a combination of pressed and blown glass and is from the depression era. In this glass one small bubble came to the surface on the base of the glass and there appears to be something dark that got into the inclusion, it is very small and on the underside of the glass, this is something that would only be seen on very closed inspection still a very lovely glass for display or use. I have pictured it in the 6th picture. I have included a picture of her against some greenery to show the beautiful natural quality of her color. She has always been carefully stored in display cabinet. Clean smoke free home thanks for looking!