Vintage Candy Box Welch's Sugar Daddy Nuggets

This is going to be a great chance to expand your Candy / vending / Peanut / bubble gum / Box collection.

I just picked up a huge collection that include Vending machine toys and Cracker Jack Toys and empty Candy vendors boxes from the 1940s through the 1980s, header cards and tons of plastic.

Most are new old stock or well kept originals stored in a collection for many years. (NOS or near mint)

These were at the counter of your local 5 & 10 stores or local drug store / sweet shop these are the boxes that held those great candies from the good old days.

Well before the mortgage crisis, these would sell for a nickle, dime in most cases....

Perfect for your candy collection, or great conversation piece to frame and hang on the wall in that TV / Game room that will be sure to spark up conversations about the good old days or to put in the collectors display area.

This is part of a collection of a very large collection of candy items that were stored in a box for years .

Following is a description of this box:

Brand: Welch's

Box size (Vendor or individual): Vendor size 120 ct

Type of Candy: Sugar Daddy Nuggets

Price: 1 cent

Manufacturer: James O Welch company

Type of paper / Cardboard: Heavy Stock box

Size Serving: none given

W Made: USA


Size: approx 9 x 7 x 2

Condition and comments: very good, some blems, not perfectly square and a little discoloration, but still nice.

Any person wanting to add to their Candy / cracker Jack/ Vintage plastic toy prize/ Peanut collection or just looking to get a great piece of novelty history should jump on this on as it is being offer at a very low price

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