2 Vintage Cans, DeKent Auto Trans Fluid Can 1957/ Coleman Fuel 1gallon Gas Can

2 vintage cans..
- de Kent Automatic transmission fluid
Type A
Circa 1957 Windsor-LLoyd Products,inc. Philadelphia ,PA.
Cam is in overall good condition , everything readable , color is still vibrant lid twist on and off as it should.
Only blemish is some small dents here and there on the can (see pics) nothing to major.(normal rust wear as well)
No leaks in can and top lid seals tightly as well.(I tested can filled with water and no leaks)
CAN is EMPTY* - would be cool to re-use if filled with gas if going camping and stuff like that.
2nd Can-
Coleman fuel for gas stoves,Laterns, Catalytic heaters, priced 1.59$ I believe this can is from the early 70's....1gallon
- no real dents to be seen a bit more rust on a few spots, overall pretty good condition on both Cans,
- this can was also tested for leaks , and passed... No leaks from can or lid..it's ready to re-use if that's what you are looking to do.
- these Cans are a bit rare and hard to find.. These were found at an estate sale were owner was an avid camper. Of many years ago.(some background )
Thanks you.