Vintage Cantilever Wooden Accordion Sewing Box+ Notions

This is a very old Solid woodsewing cabinet or basket with cantilever opening. Both the right and left side lift out to the sides and open like an accordian. The outside finish is a light walnut color and could use a new finish. The inside is very clean and the same light color but the finish is in much better condition. Each of the 3 tiers are tongue and groved on all corners and they are still very tight and in very good condition.
It stands on the floor with four sturdy 10 inch solid wood legs and that puts the top at 20" high plus the handle is at least 3" above giving you a total height of 23 1/2 inches above the floor. Each part is filled to the top with vintage sewing notions. Box is 15" wide X 9 1/2" long X 9 1/4" Deep and the over-all height with legs, handle and box is 23 1/2 " off the floor The interior of the box is very clean & the wood is a light walnut finish in good condition. The outside is the same color but really needs a new finish coat added to the finish as most of it is worn away, but is in otherwise good condition. T are three tiers of boxes that open like an accordion to a 45 1/4" span. Contents: three cards of various sized snaps priced 10.cents up to .29 cents. T are safty pins and jars of straight pins. Two pair of sissors and a pair of pinking sheers, a paper measuring tape still folded, a container
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