Vintage Capitol 45 rpm Record Player Phonograph

model 721

This is a very rare find. The phonograph player and case appear fully intact.

The power cord is a little stiff, but works perfectly, with no signs of damage or exposed wire.

T are working TONE and VOLUME adjustment knobs on the front speaker side of the unit. Apparently, this unit utilizes a tube amplifier (audio isn't heard until after a few seconds to warm up when first powered up). Since t is only a single speaker, it is a good assumption that this is a monoral player.

This unit is designed for automatically playing up to 10 or so 7-inch, 45 rpm records stacked onto the spindle.

The only control on the turntable is a lever that automatically drops the next record, and plays it from the start. The needle appears to be in good condition, and the needle arm can be latched down when not in use.

Case cover is secured by two latches, and t is a handle on one side for carrying the player. T are 4 metal castors for use when storing upright.

When closed, the unit measures 11" x 7" x 7 1/2".

Item will ship via USPS Parcel Post or DHL Ground, depending on the destination.

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