Vintage Carnival Game Sign, 24X24 inches, Billy O'Connor estate

Note: Sign includes two old coke bottles, plus three poles with rings attached. A complete game.

Its time to list the last carnival signs in my collection. This one is on masonite, 24x24 inches. Was used by Billy O'Connors carnivals sometime between 1970, and 1990. It is labeled as number 3 on the back. I had several copys of this sign but this one was the best of the set. Beautiful piece of American art.

To play this game you got a short pole with a ring attached with a string. A coke bottle was set on a small table on its side. You had to put the ring around the top of the bottle and set it upright. If it fell off the table the game was over. The table was 12 inches square. I never played it until I bought O'Conners games and stuff, but you could win if you learned how to pick up the bottle.

I will send the buyer of this sign two coke bottles, and three poles with rings and strings, so you get a working game. I do not have the table, but it was only about four inches tall and set on a larger table.

Billy O'Connor died about 12 years ago, and I purchased his trucks, and trailers. Lots of good stuff, but also lots of junk. I got over 200 signs, and most were listed here on ebay. The trucks and all but one trailer was sold for scrap. I had to raise money to pay the high storage bill, so they had to go.

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