Vintage carved bakelite butterscotch bees bracelet

Such a conversation starter. This wide deeply carved vintage bakelite bees bangle bracelet is a show stopper. It is a fantastic creamed corn butterscotch bakelite color! Glimmers of white swirls, it is just amazing but difficult to catch on camera. Great little carved bees buzz around this bangle. Bracelet sized at 3 inches inner diameter and all bakelite. Hand carved from vintage bakelite. Carved to match the retro brilliant look that was once created back in the 1930s and 1940s, it shows the true beauty of bakelite as it once looked before aging and patina color set in. Very thick and chunky. Signed, numbered and dated it is a one of a kind collectible to be enjoyed for years to come.
A rare stunning investment worthy one of a kind hand carved piece.
Using only the good stuff- authentic and tested bakelite from estate finds. Pieces are all individually hand crafted- one at a time. Each item, button and bakelite piece is personally selected. Each is collected then cleaned, tumbled, crafted or carved. Every piece created is unique. Natural or recycled products either for a given purpose, for fun or a beautiful piece of jewelry. Re-use and making something unique and new from something old and previously enjoyed is fantastic- transforming and old bakelite serving knife into a gorgeous ring or brooch.
Each piece created
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