Vintage Carved Oriental Martini Liquor Cabinet Bar

Vintage Carved Oriental Martini Liquor Cabinet Bar

EIGHT ORNATELY Carved Doors and Panels!!

This listing is for a highly ornate and extremely versatile oriental cabinet. It has inserts and pop up shelves and hidden compartments that make it one of the most well-fitted liquor cabinets that I have ever seen......and for those preferring to store other items in the cabinet, the inserts are removable, thus making it just an outstanding carved cabinet!!

I purchased the cabinet in an English container sale.

I cannot specifically pin point its age, but I will conservatively guess appx. 50 years old.

T are a total of EIGHT (8) heavily carved doors or panels that ALL operate separately!! They include the following:

· The INSIDE of the cabinet top has a full-length ornately carved scene . This top can be left open if the buyer wishes to display the carving, or the top can be closed when not in use, and the black lacquered surface will show.

When the cabinet top is opened, t are two hinged lids. These inside top lids are on hinges that smoothly open and raise the interior (it "pops up") at the same time. You can leave the glasses and bottles in place, and as you shut the lids, the glasses, bottles, and everything else inside is smoothly lowered into the compartment below.

When fully
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