vintage Case Navy knife USS SARGO WW 2 submarine

This is a CASE WW 2 Navy knife. I started this auction a few days ago...believing this knife was related to the USS Sargo nuclear sub 583 from the 1950's. I believe I was mistaken. I believe it is a WW 2 vintage. It is my opinion its design, material and assembly indicate that the era of this knifes origin should be attributed to the USS SARGO 188 submarine ... launched in 1938 and decommissioned in 1946. The knife handle emblazoned with the name SARGO. The letters are spelled out in solid brass which are 1/8" wide. They will never fall out as each are threaded and actually screwed into the transparent lucite handle. The lucite handle was skillfully put together in 16 polished segments with the interior shank wrapped in some red material. The brass is flush to the handle surface and the lucite handle is tight and solid. You'll notice that at one point..toward the center..the handle is slightly out of alignment as seen from the side. I made no effort to try to re-align the section. As I stated the handle is tight and strong. It may have been built that way, but more probably slipped under compression. On the end is an interesting 1" "butterscotch bakelite" die(some discolor). This also is attached solidly.

I have no history on the ownership of this knife other than surmising it's a custom made piece for or by a sailor. total
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