Vintage Cast Iron Artillery Cannon Coin Bank NR

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(1) Artillery Cannon

Cast Iron Coin Bank

A nice working cast iron Artillery Cannon mechanical coin bank. This is one of the more heavy duty banks I've seen, being made out of cast iron. It is in excellent working condition, except for the soldiers arm, which seems to be a little loose. However, I didn't want to mess with it too much, so I can't say exactly what the issue is with it. Other than that, the bank works fine.

The metal base the canon and tower rest on is green, and t are raised letters on the base which spell out Artillery Bank, that are painted gold. The cannon itself is a gold color, and it rests on a black cradle. The tower is a blackish grey.

The solder is also in great shape, except for the issue with his arm, as mentioned above. His pants and hat are red, the jacket is blue, and his hair, shoes, and hat brim are black. His collar and belts are a yellow/gold color.

Cosmetically, the bank is in great shape. Other than a few small nicks in the paint, it looks almost new, or I guess I should say how I think it would look, as I've never seen a new one. I don't know how old this bank is, but the stated that it has been in his family since he was young, and he is in his early 40's, so I'm thinking it's at least 20-30 years old.

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